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The Ultimate Template for Charitable Organizations and Non-Profits

Empower your charitable organization with Mercy—a template designed to facilitate donations, showcase your causes, and build a community of supporters. Make a difference with a website that’s as compassionate as your mission.

Key Features

Transparent Donation Tracking

  • Benefit: Features a transparent donation tracking system, allowing donors to see how their contributions are being used.

Quick Fundraising

  • Benefit: Enables quick and easy fundraising with a streamlined donation process, encouraging more people to contribute.

Real-Time Reports

  • Benefit: Offers real-time reporting on donations and distributions, keeping your community informed and engaged.

Multiple Causes Showcase

  • Benefit: Allows you to showcase multiple causes, complete with fundraising goals and progress bars, to attract a wider range of donors.

Volunteer Recruitment

  • Benefit: Includes a section for recruiting volunteers, making it easier to mobilize community support.


  • Benefit: Built with SEO best practices in mind to help your organization rank higher in search engine results.

Use Cases

For Established Charities

  • Mercy provides a comprehensive platform for established charities to manage donations, showcase causes, and recruit volunteers.

For Grassroots Organizations

  • Ideal for grassroots organizations looking to build a digital presence, Mercy offers a simple yet effective way to start fundraising online.

For Community Projects

  • Use Mercy to rally community support for local projects, from neighborhood clean-ups to educational programs.