Ditch template image

The Personal Portfolio Template for Creative Minds

Unveil your creative genius with Ditch—the ultimate personal portfolio template designed for artists, designers, and freelancers. Showcase your skills, works, and services in a layout that’s as creative as you are.

Key Features

Versatile Service Sections

  • Benefit: Highlight your diverse skill set, from Web Design to 3D Modeling, in dedicated sections that allow for detailed descriptions and portfolio links.

Dynamic Work Showcase

  • Benefit: Display your best works in a visually engaging layout that captures attention and invites exploration.


  • Benefit: Designed with mobile responsiveness in mind, ensuring your portfolio looks great on all devices.


  • Benefit: Built for optimal search engine performance, helping you get noticed and climb the rankings.

Use Cases

For Freelancers

  • Ditch is perfect for freelancers seeking to establish a strong online presence. Showcase your works, list your services, and even maintain a blog—all in one place.

For Job Seekers

  • Make your job application stand out with a portfolio that goes beyond the traditional resume, displaying your skills and projects in a compelling way.

For Creative Artists

  • Whether you’re into graphic design, photography, or 3D modeling, Ditch offers the flexibility to tailor the portfolio to your unique creative pursuits.